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Welcome to Cedar Ridge Ranch
At Cedar Ridge we pride ourselves in a variety of agricultural pursuits, including raising several varieties of poultry and breeding American Curly Horses.
Cedar Ridge Ranch ® Kewaunee, WI
    We met our first Curly horse in 2011 and have not regretted it. Since we took home our first mare we have learned so much about this wonderful breed, and learned that they are more than just a curly coat! The American Bashkir Curly horses that we raise and love are the total package - they are honest, hard working, and personable horses with correct, useful conformation, sound body, and sane mind; and it is these qualities that we intend to encourage in our herd. Their "hypo-allergenic" qualities are truly the icing on the cake. Curlies with straight or curly coats can prove solicit no reaction even for someone with the most severe allergies. But with a wide variety of Curly horses reactions may vary, so it is important for those to test out which horses they do not react to. For us, we are sold on the Curly horse. They are unlike any horse in the world.