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Foals of 2015
We welcomed our one and only foal of the year to the farm on a calm April morning.
As our mare Scarlet's first foal, Indy came into this world on a very calm, cool morning in April. He was talking since the moment he was born, and man is he handsome. Scarlet certainly did not disappoint! Every day he grows and I see his dam in him more and more. And with every day he grows older, he grows bolder too. He is handled daily, and has taken to halter with ease. He is a cheeky guy and should make fifteen hands like his dam. With his wide blaze and rock star attitude I don't think he'll have any problems getting noticed in the show ring! He is the true epitome of a Curly horse. Conformation, color, curl, and the trademark personality... Indy has it all!