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Brienna, Manager
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About Cedar Ridge Ranch
Cedar Ridge Ranch is family-owned farm operated right here in Kewaunee, WI. Since our company opened in 2011, we’ve treated every animal like they were a part of our family. We have an affinity for the many different species found here on our little homestead, and are focused on raising the best quality animal possible every time.
​My love of farming started at a young age, born my family dairy farm which has now evolved into a multifaceted, family owned agricultural operation. Spring fills our 240 acres with chicks, ducklings, foals, calves, and a bountiful acre garden's harvest. I commit many hours of the day to the health and happiness of my animals. I do most everything from financial management, minor medical care, training, breeding management, and feeding. I have the loving support of my family and the beautiful faces of all of my animals that get me through the day.
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