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Our American Bashkir Curly Horses
‚ÄčEver since we fell in love with the breed in 2011 it has been our mission to preserve and breed this magnificent breed of horse. We aim for a small selection of quality foals yearly, using our proven stock to produce stellar horses for riding and driving. Our foals are handled daily, halter broke, taught to pick up their hooves and trailer load. Going into their yearling and two-year old year they learn how to lunge and handle tack. Every horse is assessed and put into a suitable home where they can continue to impress year after year.
"It is a goal of mine with my horses, that no matter their age, discipline, or gender that they are respectful, well mannered horses. Whether they are a twenty year old broodmare, or a two year old stallion, they need to be mindful when leading, allow for vet and farrier work, and have training appropriate for their age. My horses are allowed to be horses, as well. I keep them in herds of anywhere from 2-8. Weanlings are taught to tie, and lead, as well as kept with a baby sitter horse. And though I do not blanket my horses through inclement weather, due mostly to the resilience of the Curly horse, they are still taught to accept all sorts of "clothes", whether saddle, harness, or a rug." - Brienna