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Stallions of Cedar Ridge
At Cedar Ridge we believe any horse that is to be used for breeding should also be a mentally and physically sound individual. Our stallions are not only used for breeding but also riding and driving to give them a job to do.
     We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new stallion, MVC DUN SEEKIN' FAME (ABCR pending), aka Capi. With BB Copper Sun on top and Seeker's Warrior on bottom we are excited to introduce wonderful curly stock horse to our herd. Not only does he have conformation that will be a great benefit to the Curly horse but also an eagerness to please. UPDATE: After a few months evaluating him on the farm we decided he did not have all the traits we wanted in a stallion and made the decision to geld him. He is now doing outstanding and his new owner plans to using him for trail and endurance.
 MCH BUDDY stood on our farm in the 2014 season. His final foal born April 20th 2015, Indy, is listed for sale. Buddy was diagnosed with arthritis in his stifles so we made the decision under the guidance of our vet to have him gelded so he can continue a stress-free life and begin treatment.